Putting It All Together

The heart of our business is sourcing and roasting great coffees to create legendary coffee drinks. At Classic Rock Coffee there is a lot of work that happens backstage, prior to you getting a “Dirty White Boy”, or cup of “Back in Black Bold”.

First… we collect hundreds of green coffee samples to determine which origin we want to provide to our customers. It’s like playing every guitar in the store to find the right one. Gotta try em all.

We do this year round, as coffees can vary from year to year, even from the same origin. This is due in part to growing conditions (timing and amount of moisture, amongst other things)

Second…. we roast these samples to verify that they match origin characteristics and meet our standards. Many coffees may have the right characteristics, but that’s not enough. At Classic Rock, we eliminate marginal coffees to find exceptional coffees and provide our customers with the best coffees available all while still offering the best value in the cup.

Next… once coffees are selected from the samples, larger shipments are brought in and 3 or 4 roast profiles are performed in our state of art roaster and profile logger. The roasting process is where all of the flavors are developed. The manner in which the heat is applied greatly affects the finished product. Great coffees can be destroyed if not roasted correctly.

After the different roasts are completed, the cupping process happens again. The profile that produces the best cup is then saved in our profiler and then recalled each time that same coffee is roasted. No two coffees are roasted alike. Some coffees can handle darker roasts, others can’t. Some coffees taste better at lighter roast, while other taste better at a medium roast and others at darker roasts.

At Classic Rock, we take pride in finding the peak roast for every coffee… and providing you a rockin cup of jo. We put a Whole Lot a Love in our coffee.

Classic Rock Coffee – Our coffee Rocks!